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Whether you’re flying into the region or venturing on a road trip, Telluride offers a unique journey marked with unmatched scenery, heritage and charm. We will admit that it is difficult to get to, however once you’re there, it is difficult to leave!

RENTAL CARS - can be rented at Denver International Airport, in the city of Denver, or at any of the airports listed here.

RV RENTAL - rent an RV in Denver and drive to Telluride - transportation and accommodations all in one!

DRIVING FROM DENVER - there are two routes:

I-70 - Recommended route - I-70 tends to have more traffic on main travel days (Friday and Sunday afternoons). It is however, a 2-4 lane road most of the way, so it ends up being the same amount of time with passing, etc

US 285 - Less popular route - US 285 tends to have less traffic yet is only a 1 lane road most of the drive so it’s harder to pass and winds up taking just as much time as sitting in traffic on I-70.

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